Impressive designs on tackling climate change for a greener future.

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Leonard Green

Brand Identity, UK

The image shows the text "leonard green" in lowercase letters, with "leonard" in light green and "green" in dark green. The letter "G" in "green" features a stylized, minimalist design, reminiscent of modern architecture. The background is light gray.
Image showing the text "leonardGreen" in lowercase letters. "Leonard" is written in pink, while "Green" is in a light green shade. The 'G' has a stylized design, showcasing elegant graphic design skills. The background is a dark green color.

Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time. Leonard Green is a new group of thought leaders set up to help raise environmental awareness and promote the positive steps we can take to tackle climate change.

A logo featuring two stylized arrows forming a circle on a light gray background. The upper arrow is green and points to the left, while the lower arrow is dark green and points to the right, creating a continuous loop—a seamless blend of graphic design precision and architectural elegance.
Two white tote bags with green and dark green arrow designs make a stylish addition to your interior design. The left bag says, "Addressing Climate Change," while the right bag reads, "Reducing Waste & Carbon Footprint." Featuring white handles, they are displayed against a light grey background.
A hand is holding a pink disposable coffee cup with a black lid, designed by Leonard Design. The cup features a large black arrow pointing upward and a green, curved stripe at the bottom. The blurred background, reminiscent of modern interiors, focuses attention entirely on the cup.
A dark green t-shirt, showcasing exceptional graphic design, is displayed against a pink background. The shirt features light green, pastel green, and white arrows pointing in different directions on both the front and back. The name
A dark green voucher with the text "Leonard Green" on the left features a pink arrow pointing downwards and a green semi-circle. The right side reads: "Spend £100 to Help Tackle Climate Change," with additional details about the promotion from Leonard Design Interiors.