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Visual Identity, UK

An orange square with the black text
A minimalistic graphic by Leonard Design features a peach background with the word
Two smartphone screens display an app interface. The left screen shows text "Investigations into the future of the built environment" with "re:think" at the bottom. The right screen details a design workshop event by Leonard Design with date, time, and a red RSVP button, highlighting innovations in interior design.

A visual identity system of logo, illustrations, info graphics and mailer designs for Re:think; a series of exciting talks, webinars and interactive workshops, showcased by Leonard Design online every month.

An orange poster with a design resembling an airport departure board. The top text reads
An orange poster with the Rethink logo at the top, showcasing four colored panels: green with a school, yellow with a money bag, gray with a building, and red with an elephant. Text:
Two tote bags are displayed against a gray background. The left bag, showcasing innovative graphic design, is white with "re: think" and a small orange logo in the bottom right corner. The right bag is orange with "re: thin," the final "k" folded under, revealing the partial back side of the white bag.
Re:think Visual Identity, UK Graphic Design Projects Nottingham