Mapping out the future vision and connectivity of a major world city.

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Oslo, Norway

A partial view of a colorful illustrated map showing a section of Lilleakerbyen City. The map, with its intricate architecture, features buildings, tree icons, roads, a cyclist, and labeled points of interest. The text "LILLEAKERBYEN CITY" is visible at the bottom on a green band.

Lilleakerbyen near Oslo will become a new lifestyle driven neighbourhood, a vibrant and green district with an exciting streetscape, characterised by culture, trade, activities and great places to stay.

A person holding a smartphone with a map application open. The map displays a simplified, colored layout with icons of trees and buildings, and labels such as 'Bushcroft' and 'Vision'. The person is outdoors, with a brick wall in the background—an architecture enthusiast appreciating both urban design and interiors.
Lilleakerbyen Oslo, Norway Map Design Illustration Graphic Design Projects