Five star brand identity for a revolutionary new concept in hospital design.

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Starfish Hospitals

Wolfson Economics Prize

The image features the text "Starfish Hospitals" in a bold, black font on a light gray background. There is an asterisk in orange color to the right of the word "Hospitals," evoking thoughts of innovative interior design used within their modern interiors.

Starfish Hospitals is a hospital redesign and modernisation concept, designed for the Wolfson Economics Prize 2021 submission by David Leonard and Deirdre King.

Two ID badges for Starfish Hospitals. The left badge displays "Dr. Emma Davies, Cardiographer" and the right badge displays "James Miller, Public Health Nurse." Each badge has a minimalist starfish logo and a black lanyard attached, designed with an eye for interiors by Leonard Design's masterplanning team.
A black sign with the text "Starfish Hospitals" and an orange starfish logo is mounted on the corner of a modern white building. The graphic design complements the sleek architecture, set against a clear blue sky with some clouds.
A white T-shirt with the logo
A smartphone screen displays app icons including Starfish Hosp., Facebook, Twitter, Strava, and WhatsApp. Set against a light gray background designed by Leonard Design, the screen shows the time as 12:42. Only part of the phone's right side is visible.
An open book displaying the table of contents page. On the left side, the contents include Prelude, Today’s Hospitals, Design and Plan, Economic Impact, Staff Wellbeing, and Conclusion with respective page numbers. The right page is labeled
An open book features a left page with a large, dotted starfish graphic and
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