A modern adaptable community hub to resonate with a younger demographic.

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Märkisches Zentrum

Berlin, Germany

An interior view of a bustling food hall with various seating options and food stalls designed by Leonard Design. People are dining, ordering food, and socializing. The space features high ceilings, ample lighting, and green plants decorating the walls. Signs for various eateries are visible.

Leonard Design was commissioned by Kintyre Real Estate to revitalise and expand Berlin’s Märkisches Zentrum. Our Interior Design team focused on a new food hall and mall refurbishment aiming to create sustainable, adaptable spaces with a contemporary appeal that would connect with a broader community.

A bustling food court, designed by Leonard Design, features diners seated at tables and others walking around. The area is filled with natural light with a modern design, loft-style second-floor seating, and visible retail shops. The "Maarsen" logo is prominently displayed above the shops on the upper level.
A modern indoor retail space designed by Leonard Design, with people walking and shopping. The area has high ceilings, exposed ductwork, and a mix of bright orange and black accents. Various stores are visible, including ones labeled KB Sport and MUNIER. A central seating area is in the foreground.
A modern indoor shopping mall with people walking and browsing stores with clear glass fronts. Hanging signs indicate different sections like "shopping." The floor has creative geometric tile designs, reflecting expert graphic design, and the ceiling features colorful rectangular lights—a true marvel of masterplanning.
A grid of nine rectangles features diverse textures and images: MQ logo on gray concrete, "SHOPPING" with white bag icon on yellow, shadows on a mesh surface, vertical black bars, a shiny taupe surface, metal staircase against tiled wall, rough gray surface, light wood texture, and leafy green plants. Leonard Design showcases superior masterplanning and interior design expertise in every facet.
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