A fully integrated leisure, hospitality and entertainment destination.

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The Light Redhill

Surrey, UK

A vibrant, colorful mural covers the walls and pillars of a bowling alley, showcasing the synergy of graphic design and interiors. The artwork features roller skates, rainbows, flowers, and abstract shapes. Multicolored lights illuminate the lanes, creating a lively, psychedelic atmosphere.

The Light secured a 3,240 square metre lease originally planned for Empire Cinemas. As the lead designer for the fit-out team, our task was to seamlessly incorporate an additional 911 square metres to realise our client’s vision – a fully integrated leisure, hospitality, and entertainment destination.

A modern bar area with a colorful tiled counter designed by Leonard Design. Above the bar, signs read "PIZZA," "BURGERS," "WINES," "COCKTAILS," and "BEERS." Several bartenders are preparing drinks, while patrons enjoy the vibrant atmosphere enhanced by neon lighting and stylish interiors.
A modern arcade and dining space with a mix of brightly colored chairs and geometric patterned tables showcases impeccable interior design. Illuminated signs and arcade machines line the walls, while pendant lights hang from the ceiling, casting a warm glow over the room. Patrons can be seen playing games.
A modern cafe with vibrant colors and eclectic furniture, designed by Leonard Design. The seating includes a mix of colorful armchairs, dining chairs, and couches around marble-topped tables. Large windows let in natural light, and a circular ceiling light fixture adds a chic touch to the interior architecture.
A vibrant, modern lounge area with colorful graffiti art featuring a superhero in action on the wall. The interior design includes armchairs, small tables, and a mix of industrial and cozy decor. A neon sign reading
A vibrant graffiti artwork of an anime-style character with blue hair and a pink outfit is painted on a wall at the end of a corridor. The corridor's architecture features wooden paneling, colorful lighting, and an illuminated
A masterplanned collage of various indoor recreational activities: curling, skittles, pool, shuffleboard, virtual archery, arcade games, dart throwing, target practice, and a tire obstacle course. People are engaged in these activities within vibrant interiors designed for dynamic enjoyment.
A modern movie theater with rows of plush blue reclining seats and leg rests, set on a carpeted floor. The theater is empty, and the aisle with steps is on the right side. The ceiling features geometric red accent lighting, creating a futuristic ambience that showcases stunning interior design.
Surrey, UK Interiors The Light Redhill Projects A fully integrated leisure, hospitality and entertainment destination.