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Nelson Court

Nottingham, UK

Modern multi-story building with a distinctive curved corner and red brick facade. It features large windows and glass storefronts on the ground floor, showcasing interiors by Leonard Design. The sky is clear with scattered clouds, and people are walking on the sidewalk in front of the building.
A street view of Sneinton Market in Nottingham, featuring a modern brick building designed by Leonard Design at the intersection. People walk along the sidewalks, and cars are parked. The sky is partly cloudy, and the scene includes both old and new architecture, trees, and streetlights.

This landmark residential building will lead the way for the future evolution of the city and form a new gateway to Nottingham’s hip and bustling Sneinton Market area.

A modern brick apartment building with multiple windows is shown against a clear blue sky. The architectural design, reflecting Leonard Design principles, features vertical brick patterns and a mix of protruding and recessed window frames, giving the facade a dynamic, textured appearance.
A modern building designed by Leonard Design features a combination of red brick and glass facade. Three people walk on the sidewalk nearby. The ground floor, showcasing sleek interiors through large glass windows, has a black car parked in front. Potted plants line the walkway, and a sign reads
A modern multi-story residential building, illuminated at dusk, showcases its architecture with large windows reflecting interior lights. Bright light trails from passing vehicles create dynamic streaks in the foreground, emphasizing the bustling urban environment.
A modern, multi-story building with a unique cylindrical design by Leonard Design, featuring red brickwork and large windows. The structure has a glass-paneled central section and appears to be located in an urban setting, with other buildings visible in the background.
Aerial view of a rooftop recreational area with a green artificial grass section, a striped ping pong table in the center, and a shaded seating area on the right. With masterplanning precision, urban buildings surround the rooftop, while a street with cars and pedestrians adds dynamic energy.
People walk past brick buildings and shops under a clear blue sky. A curved building with signs for
  • Communal Spaces

    Games Room
    Music Room
    Roof Terrace

  • Amenities

    Laundry Room
    Cycle Parking
    Study zone

  • Activity and Well-being

    Yoga Zone

Nelson Court Nottingham, UK Architecture Projects