Contemporary leisure destination brings a buzz and vibrancy to elevate Beeston’s night-time experience.

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Beeston Town Centre

Nottingham, UK

Exterior view of a modern cinema building at dusk, featuring large windows and linear facade lighting. Designed by Leonard Design, the sign reads "The Arc Cinema" in red and white letters. The surroundings include lit street lamps and a tram line in the foreground, demonstrating sleek graphic design integration.
© Bowmer + Kirkland
A modern cinema building at twilight, named "The ARC Cinema," with illuminated vertical lines on its facade. The entrance features large glass windows and a sheltered walkway, showcasing its sleek interior design. People wait at a nearby tram stop, where a blurred tram is passing in the foreground.
© Bowmer + Kirkland

A key urban regeneration project for one of Nottingham’s major satellite towns, unlocking its commercial potential and introducing a new buzz and excitement to the town centre.

The modern, warmly lit interior of the bar or restaurant by Leonard Design features a wooden staircase leading to an upper level. A neon sign reading
A modern, eclectic lounge with a mix of leather couches and armchairs, vibrant throw pillows, and wooden tables. The space is adorned with green plants, hanging lights, and artwork by Leonard Design. Shelves partition the bar area, stocked with bottles and glassware.
A modern restaurant with a warm, cozy ambiance designed by Leonard Design. The room features wooden tables and black chairs, lush greenery hanging from the ceiling, and various spherical and woven light fixtures. Large windows let in natural light, enhancing the inviting atmosphere through thoughtful architecture.
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