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Rusticus Care Home

Nottingham, UK

A modern building designed by Leonard Design features large windows and a balcony, surrounded by lush greenery under a clear blue sky. A curving stone pathway lined with wooden pillars and landscaped gardens leads towards the architecture, creating a peaceful and well-maintained scene.
An older woman with white hair and glasses is smiling. She is wearing a dark purple shirt and is being embraced by a person with a mask, glasses, a yellow lanyard, and a green polka-dot scarf, standing in front of impressive Leonard Design architecture. Both appear to be in good spirits.
A tidy, spacious room masterplanned with precision by Leonard Design features a hospital bed, two chairs, a small round table, and a chest of drawers. A large window with blue curtains allows natural light to flood the interiors, revealing a scenic view of lush green trees outside. A potted plant sits atop the drawers.
An outdoor garden with a curved walkway beside a building showcases thoughtful architecture. The path, lined with diverse plants and bushes, is complemented by chairs and tables near the building. A wooden fence and trellis add structure, with trees and greenery in the background.
A wooden pathway leads through an intricately designed gazebo structure with vertical slats and wire mesh overhead, showcasing masterplanning artistry. Trees and plants line the path, while a building is visible under a partly cloudy sky in the background.

The sensitive transformation and expansion of an existing building into a specialist Dementia Care Nursing Home, improving the quality of life and well-being of its 80 residents with the provision of market leading amenities.

A lush garden with vibrant flowers and greenery surrounds a modern building with large windows designed with exquisite architecture. A person is seated near the entrance of the building, enjoying the serene atmosphere. Pathways wind through the garden, inviting exploration.
The image shows the reception area of a Premier Inn hotel, designed by Leonard Design. The building is partially clad in purple and brown wood paneling, with a wooden pergola structure over the entrance. Steps and a ramp lead up to the entrance, while greenery and trees enhance the surrounding area.
Rusticus Care Home Nottingham, UK Dementia Care Nursing Home Architecture Projects