A brand design that strikes a balance and achieves a perfect harmony.

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Work Life

Coworking, UK

An image is divided into four colored quadrants with text in each section. The text reads: "social life" on pink, "easy life" on red, "work hard" on green, and "work out" on orange. Each phrase is written in two contrasting colors, showcasing a design style reminiscent of Leonard Design’s bold interiors.

Work Life is a coworking concept that creates and provides spaces for people not content with the ordinary, catering specifically for the needs of a modern work/life balance.

Modern office interior with a large, colorful geometric wall mural displaying the text " Nottingham." The space, showcasing expert architecture, features an open layout with workstations and two blurred figures walking down a curved hallway.
Two open documents on a pink surface. The left document cover has "work:life Brand Guidelines" on a dark green background with geometric shapes in orange, pink, and yellow. The right document from Leonard Design shows branding guidelines, including logos, colors, and typography.
A name badge by Leonard Design features a green background with abstract shapes in yellow, pink, and red. The badge holder includes a green lanyard and a metal clasp.
Clear water bottle with a gray cap and minimalist design featuring red and orange geometric shapes. The label reads
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