Preserving the future of a locally significant building through innovative retrofit.

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Waterside Apartments

Nottingham, UK

A modern, curved building designed by Leonard Design stands along a riverbank under a blue sky with clouds. Purple flowers and green foliage are visible in the foreground. A bridge spans the river to the right of the building, connecting to a cluster of smaller buildings on the left.

A prominent iconic landmark on Nottingham’s Trent Bridge has undergone a dramatic conversion and re-imagining into highly desirable luxury apartments with stunning river views.

A modern, curved apartment building designed by Leonard Design is brightly lit at night and stands beside a river. Below, an arched bridge spans the water, with its lights reflecting on the calm surface. Trees line the riverbank under a starry sky. The striking interiors complement the serene exterior scene.
A stunning example of modern architecture, the curved apartment building with numerous windows stands tall against a blue sky with scattered clouds. The base, obscured by an old stone wall in the foreground, adds a charming contrast to its sleek design.
This modern multi-story building, designed by Leonard Design, boasts large windows and balconies, with exteriors in light tan and dark gray. The architecture stands out against a clear blue sky dotted with scattered clouds.
A modern building with a curved facade featuring many windows reflects the bright blue sky with scattered clouds. A white, more angular structure adjoins the curved section, creating a contrasting architectural design that’s as thoughtful in masterplanning as it is striking in appearance.
A modern, spacious living room designed by Leonard Design features large floor-to-ceiling windows offering a scenic view. It has a light gray sofa with cushions and a side table, a dining area with blue chairs, and a bar counter with stools. The room is filled with natural light.
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