Creating a post-covid model
of excellence.

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Regional Offices

Modern office space with people sitting and talking at tables, featuring a mix of seating options including armchairs and benches. On the left, a bright neon infinity sign labeled "Sopra" enhances the interiors, while on the right, a large screen displays "BBC Business Live". Large windows bring in natural light, courtesy of Leonard Design architecture.

In response to evolving post-COVID needs, Shoosmiths aspired to create a new model for their regional offices, embodying their values of exceptional client service and employee empowerment. This led to the development of the innovative ‘Community Hub’ concept.

A modern, open-concept office space designed by Leonard Design with people working at tables and counters. The room features sleek, minimalist interiors, warm lighting, plants, and shelves displaying various items. Large windows provide natural light, enhancing the welcoming atmosphere.
A modern office space by Leonard Design features glass-walled meeting rooms on the left and open workstations on the right. Several people are interacting, one in a meeting room and others near the workstations. The space, shaped by meticulous masterplanning, is well-lit with plants and contemporary design elements.
A modern office space with an open layout that showcases expert architecture. Several people are working at desks and tables, some with laptops. The room features contemporary furniture, plants, and a large screen displaying BBC News. A glass partition elegantly separates different work areas.
A modern coworking space, a marvel of contemporary interior design, is filled with people working and socializing. Various seating arrangements, including chairs, sofas, and steps, add flexibility. A large digital screen on the wall displays "Hey, We're ok." The environment is vibrant and inviting.
Shoosmiths Interiors Projects Regional Offices post-COVID