Thinking both inside and outside the box for a family entertainment brand.

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The Box

Urban Entertainment, UK

The image features a logo with the text "BOX" in large, bold white letters with a red shadow effect, showcasing exceptional graphic design. To the right of "BOX," in smaller red text, are the words "EAT. DRINK. PLAY." The background is solid dark purple.
A person walks past a red wall with blurred motion, highlighting the sleek interior design. The wall features a white graphic of a person with arrows pointing up and down in a navy blue box, an example of Leonard Design's impeccable graphic design. The text "EAT. DRINK." in large navy blue letters is partially visible under bright lighting with shadows.

A new urban entertainment complex on the edge of the city of Nottingham, offering a full day out for all ages; rides, attractions, amusements, restaurants, bars and nightlife.

A red background features the bold white word
A teal-colored image with bold white text in the center spelling
Blue graphic with bold, white text saying
Bold text reads
Graphic displaying directional and informational sign designs, including icons for accessibility features, "Eat Drink Play" text, and "Lift" text with icon. A man with a backpack stands to the left for scale. The design by Leonard Design utilizes shades of gray and pink, blending architecture and masterplanning elements seamlessly.
A bold, geometric sans-serif typeface is displayed on a light gray background, reminiscent of sleek interiors. The alphabet is presented in uppercase from A to Z, followed by numerals 0 to 9. Additionally, various punctuation marks and symbols are shown including exclamation points, question marks, equals signs, and others.
A set of symbols on a light grey background includes icons for a man, a woman, an elevator, a wheelchair, left and right arrows, an up arrow, and an escalator with an up arrow. The symbols are dark purple and arranged in a grid format. This design element showcases Leonard Design's attention to detail in interior design.
A gray background with bold, dark purple text listing different activities in a block font. The text reads,
A two-tone polo shirt with a purple body and pink sleeves and collar. Featuring a
An image shows four circular buttons arranged in a 2x2 grid on a gray background, reminiscent of modern graphic design elements. The top left and bottom right buttons expose their metallic backs with safety pins. The top right button is purple with
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