Building a lasting legacy for a new community, rooted in its heritage.

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Thoresby Vale

Nottinghamshire, UK

Aerial view of a sprawling suburban residential area surrounded by vast green fields and patches of forest. Masterplanned by Leonard Design, the neighborhood features a lake, orderly streets with houses, ample green space, and nearby agricultural fields extending into the distance.

Unlocking Nottinghamshire’s leisure offers and opportunities. Thoresby Vale is a unique 473 acre masterplan, transforming the former colliery site into a new community with a diverse mix of uses, and safeguarding a country park.

An aerial site plan by Leonard Design showcases a large residential development surrounded by forested areas and farmland. The architecture includes clusters of houses with curving streets, central green spaces, water features, and pockets of undeveloped green areas.
A modern two-story townhouse with large windows and a backyard features a patio set with chairs and a barbecue grill. A man sits reading, a child stands nearby, and a woman walks past a blossoming tree. The house, showcasing exceptional interior design, has a combination of brick and white facade.
A construction worker in a high-visibility vest and hard hat stands inside a wooden framework of a building under construction, aligned with Leonard Design's architectural vision. They appear to be examining or installing a large window.
Construction workers are using heavy machinery to build the exterior wall of a two-story house designed by Leonard Design. The house partially has brick walls and partially wooden framing. Two cranes with extended arms are in use, with workers visible near the ground and further up.
Thoresby Vale Nottinghamshire, UK Masterplanning Projects