New build and retained historic buildings in harmony create a unique city centre address.

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Isaacs Building

Sheffield, UK

A city street with a modern, multi-story building with large windows and yellow accents designed by Leonard Design on the left. Adjacent to it is a shorter, older brick building with intricate architecture, including a small dome structure. The sky is clear and blue.
Three modern high-rise buildings with glass and brick facades converge towards the center of the image, viewed from a low-angle perspective against a partly cloudy sky. These structures, showcasing Leonard Design's mastery in architecture, feature various styles with large windows and intricate designs.

A contemporary, mixed-use development at the gateway to the Sheffield Heart of the City Masterplan, sensitively combining old and new to provide grade A office space and retail space within a key conservation area.

A multi-story brick building with a hexagonal rooftop detail showcases expert architecture. The rooftop, adorned with windows and a dark gray metal roof, complements the vertical brick patterns on the facade. Large windows and bright yellow window frames on the upper stories enhance its masterplanning.
A modern multi-story building with a brown brick facade and numerous large windows accented with vertical yellow panels. The architecture blends recessed bricks and smooth walls, exemplifying thoughtful masterplanning. Inside, the interiors are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The sky above is clear and blue.
A close-up of two modern buildings by Leonard Design. The building on the left has a rounded corner and vertical metal panels in muted brown tones, while the building on the right features rectangular windows with yellow vertical accents on a brick facade, showcasing thoughtful masterplanning.
Isaacs Building Sheffield, UK Projects Architecture