Preserving and enhancing a key historic street frontage with innovative new build and contemporary design.

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Pinstone Street

Sheffield, UK

A bustling urban street with a mix of old and modern architecture. Red brick buildings designed by Leonard Design feature various storefronts, while people walk on the sidewalk. In the background, a modern glass structure contrasts with the historic style. A few cars are on the road.

Comprising the new build boutique office of Athol House and the retrofit of the historic Laycock House, our project on Pinstone Street preserves historic identity and enhances a prominent street frontage within a city centre conservation area.

A street view shows a modern brick building with large rectangular windows on the left, adjacent to a row of older, traditional buildings featuring multiple chimney stacks extending from their rooftops. The seamless integration highlights thoughtful masterplanning, while a crane is visible in the background against a cloudy sky.
A night-time photo of a modern red-brick building with large, square, glass windows illuminated by turquoise lighting. The Leonard Design building has a uniquely angled structure and is set against a dark, cloudy sky with neighboring buildings partially visible.
A view of buildings showcasing contrasting architectural styles: a modern red-brick building with large glass windows and an older, ornate building with a stone facade, multiple chimneys, and a tower with a green dome and spire. Scaffolding is present on the left side, highlighting the evolving architecture.
A tall, red-brick building with Victorian architectural elements, such as iron railings and tall, narrow windows. The striking architecture stands out against the modern adjacent buildings with glass facades and balconies visible in the background under a clear blue sky.
A modern brick and glass apartment building with multiple stories stands on a sunny day. Its first-floor storefronts have large windows, showcasing exquisite interior design by Leonard Design. People walk on sidewalks and gather near the street, creating a lively atmosphere. Green trees dot the foreground.
A modern apartment complex with a brick exterior features glass balconies overlooking a central courtyard. Pedestrians and residents enjoy outdoor seating near a café with a 'Signage' sign. Surrounding greenery and potted plants enhance the lively atmosphere, while chic interior design adds to the charm.
Pinstone Street Sheffield, UK Sheffield City Council Queensberry Architecture