Australian Bushfires: Can We Help in the UK?

Australia needs assistance, the UK is not too far away to help!

As you will be aware by now, Australia is being savaged by ferocious bushfires which have burnt nearly 15 million acres already. Putting this into perspective, this is the same as all of Wales and 1/3 of England engulfed in flames. Now with the death toll rising, species of animals close to extinction and the fires not slowing down, can we help here in the UK? The short answer is YES!

There are multiple organisations that are calling for financial donations to help with a variety of sectors affected by the bushfires across the country. Some of our staff have already donated their £100 vouchers, part of the Leonard Green initiative to help tackle climate change in some way over 2020. If you have five minutes today, help these people, these animals, this wildlife, this country to rise from the ashes. Below is a selection of organisations taking donations right now:

NSW Rural Fire Service

With over 2,000 volunteers making up the workforce who are still tackling the blaze these firefighters need help now!


The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army have launched a disaster appeal to help support both evacuees and emergency services.


The Australian Red Cross

The Red Cross are helping communities across the country, supporting the evacuation centres and providing first aid.


Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

A GoFundMe campaign which is helping rescued Koalas. Approx 75% of the fireground is prime koala habitat.