A modern building with a green facade, vertical glass windows, and a sign with the NHS logo showcases impressive architecture. The surrounding area includes trees, benches, and people walking or sitting. The scene is well-lit under a partly cloudy sky.
Community Diagnostics Centre, Nottingham

At Leonard Design, our commitment to enhancing the cities we inhabit is more than just a professional ethos—it’s a passion that drives everything we do. With a focus on Nottingham and the broader East Midlands region, we’ve been at the forefront of numerous transformative projects aimed at revitalising urban spaces and fostering community growth.

One of our most notable project collaborations is the Nottingham Broad Marsh redevelopment, a monumental undertaking that is reshaping the heart of the city. As one of the largest City Centre regeneration schemes in the country, this project presented us with the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the fabric of Nottingham.

Our collaboration in the Broad Marsh redevelopment began from the masterplan design competition, following which we have been involved in the shopping centre redevelopment, the design of the bus station, car park, library and the connecting public realm schemes.

A modern, multi-story building with sleek, curved lines and large glass windows boasts an orange exterior against a clear blue sky. Exemplifying cutting-edge architecture by Leonard Design, it's situated on a street bustling with pedestrians and cyclists. A bus is parked nearby, with traffic lights and trees in view.
Nottingham Broad Marsh redevelopment

The most recent piece of our work in the Broadmarsh redevelopment is the Community Diagnostics Centre, which received planning permission in March. The facility is poised to become a cornerstone of the revitalised area. This project demonstrates a key collaboration between us and the ARUP Nottingham team. The centre not only serves as a testament to our dedication to community-centric design but also embodies our vision for a more inclusive and accessible urban environment. This is due for completion in 2025.

What sets our approach apart is our deep-rooted connection to the local community and our intimate understanding of Nottingham’s unique identity and aspirations. By leveraging our local knowledge and extensive network of collaborators, we’ve been able to design elements of the Broad Marsh redevelopment that seamlessly integrate with the broader vision for the city

A modern building designed by Leonard Design with large windows is surrounded by lush greenery and trees. People are walking and sitting along winding paths in a well-landscaped garden area under a clear blue sky, showcasing the seamless integration of masterplanning and interiors.
Community Diagnostics Centre, Nottingham

Leonard Design completed a leisure led scheme in Beeston. This scheme encompassed ground level leisure uses, a cinema and a 132-unit residential block. The development acts as a gateway into the town centre. Leonard Design Architects have worked closely with Broxtowe Borough Council and potential occupiers to create a striking contemporary design.

The leisure building was designed around the specific requirements of prospective tenants; whereas the residential element of the scheme needed to realise the best commercial value to the client; provide maximum flexibility to potential developers whilst establishing a cohesive design vision consummate with the leisure block. A key part of this is high quality public realm with hard and soft landscaping to create vibrant, interesting public spaces for the people of Beeston.

This scheme included the interior design of ‘Beeston Social’ which responded to the local context to make the scheme a key part of the Beeston social network.

Two-story modern building with large windows under a partly cloudy sky. The building features "The Arc Cinema" sign in red and white. A tram stop with a glass shelter is in the foreground, showcasing sleek interior design elements, surrounded by streetlights, signs, and a few people.
The Arc Cinema & The Beeston Social, Beeston, Nottinghamshire

At Leonard Design, our commitment to city regeneration extends beyond the urban landscape—it encompasses the vibrant communities that inhabit these spaces. This year we’ve had the privilege of partnering with The University of Nottingham to revitalise student facilities and foster a more enriching campus experience.

The Mooch Bar design built on some of the ideas developed during our involvement in the Beeston Social; through thoughtful design interventions and a deep understanding of student needs, crafted a space that not only serves as a social hub that evolves through the day but also nurtures a sense of belonging and community among students.

Our collaboration with The University of Nottingham is a testament to the power of partnership and the impact that thoughtful design can have on educational environments. By working closely with stakeholders and engaging with the student body, we’ve been able to deliver a space that not only meets the university’s functional requirements but also reflects its ethos and values.

A modern, spacious dining area with a mix of wooden tables and chairs showcases exquisite interior design. High bar stools line a long counter, while abstract art decorates the walls, enhancing the architectural beauty. Well-lit with ceiling lights, a foosball table and plants add to the contemporary ambiance.
Mooch Bar, University of Nottingham

Leonard Design have recently completed the student residential project; iQ on Lower Parliament Street. iQ offers students a unique living experience that prioritises both comfort and connectivity. Each room is thoughtfully designed to maximize space and natural light, creating inviting environments for the students of Nottingham.

What truly sets iQ apart is its integration into the Sneinton Market area—a historic neighbourhood undergoing a renaissance of its own. By incorporating retail spaces at ground level, the project not only enhances the streetscape but also contributes to the vitality and diversity of the surrounding area. Extensive public consultation led to a building which responds to the local environment both architecturally and socially.

iQ on Lower Parliament Street has been nominated for the Residential Project of the Year at the 2024 RICS Awards—a testament to its impact on the local community and its innovative approach to urban regeneration.

Modern multi-story building with a distinctive curved corner and red brick facade. It features large windows and glass storefronts on the ground floor, showcasing interiors by Leonard Design. The sky is clear with scattered clouds, and people are walking on the sidewalk in front of the building.
Nelson Court Student Accommodation, Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham

Our current projects include collaboration with McLaren Property and the NHS NUH Trust which enhance our portfolio within Nottingham.

As proud residents of Nottingham, we understand the significance of our work in shaping the city’s trajectory. With every project we undertake, we strive to leave a positive and lasting impact on the communities we serve. Nottingham is more than just a city—it’s our home, and we’re honoured to play a part in its ongoing transformation.

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